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Indulge in fresh African cuisine at eBundu.

Indulge in fresh South African cuisine and indigenous spices on a spacious sundowner deck or dine inside with an African Chic atmosphere for an unforgettable Lowveld experience.

Starter menu

Chicken Livers (R52)

Pan Fried Chicken Livers served with our famous homemade roll. Plain or peri-peri Sauce

Calamair (R65)

Grilled in lemon butter sauce, dusted in spices and fried served with savoury rice or French fries

Creamy Garlic Snails (R55)

Smoothered in a creamy garlic sauce

Halloumi (R65)

Fried and served with sweet chill sauce

Salad menu

Greek Salad (R50)

Crispy lettuce, tomato, onion rings, cucumber, calamata olives, feta and vinaigrette sauce

Chicken Salad (R72)

Crisp lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pan fried chicken, egg wedges and grated cheddar cheese

Caesar Salad (R55)

Crisp lettuce, tomato, cucimber, hardboiled egg, grated cheddar cheese, croutons with bacon bites

Smoked Salmon (R58)

Crispy lettuce, tomato, cucumber, smoked salmon, sour cream and avocado (when available)

Light Meals

Chicken Wrap (R52)

Chicken, lettuce, avocado, pepper dew, avocado puree and feta cheese rolled in a wrap

Chicken Burger (R65)

Grilled chicken breast with tomato, lettuce, cheese, gherkins served on a sesame seed burger bun

Prego Steak and Chips (R75)

Beef steak 100g on a Portuguese roll

Munchies basket (R85)

Chicken strips, cocktail sausages, samosas, spicey meatballs

eBundu Beef Burger (R70)

BBQ basted or Moz style peri-peri or texan spiced.

All the above is served with your choice of side salad or French fries

Gourmet Sanwiches

Smoked Salmon (R65)

Cucumber, lemon and pepperdew cream cheese onion and caper salad

Contemporary Club Sandwich (R72)

Bacon and egg, chicken mayonnaise and tomato with cheddar cheese

Cheese & Tomato (R48)

Plum tomato with cheddar cheese and pesto

Roast Beef Sandwich (R68)

Marinated overnight and basted in our moz style peri-peri or lemon & herb.

All gourmet sandwiches served with your choice of Panini, Baguette & Ciabata Bread and a choice of side salad or French fries.

Full Portion (R26) Half (R13)

Pasta / Off the Hook

Spaghetti Bolognaise (R75)

Traditional beef mince in a tomato-based sauce

Chicken Penne Alfred (R75)

Penne pasta in a Parmesan chicken cream sauce

Grilled Hake (R105)

Grilled with lemon and butter served with a choice of rice, Potato wedges, fries or vegetables

Prawn Platter (R180)

12 Prince prawns grilled in our famous lemon butter sauce, served with rice or French fries

eBundu favourites

Homesick? Find your favourite recipe here.

Lamb Curry (R125)

Chicken & Prawn ( R120)

Amathumbu Ox Tripe (R105)

Cook in traditional sauce with carrot, potato. Our curry is accompanied by fresh, homemade condiments including chutney, sambals, roti and poppadum

Pizza menu

Love your pizza? We believe in providing you with the highest quality and freshest ingredients for an authentic and pleasurable experience.

Margherita, Tomato, Mozarella (R85)

Fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese and Oregano

Port Topping (R105)

Chicken breast strip, onion, peppadillios, mushrooms, in our famous sauces

Pepper Fillet (R110)

Grilled fillet strips, green peppers, onion finished with creamy pepper sauce

Italian Pepperoni (R95)

Pepperoni, salami fresh tomato, garlic. green pepper and butter mushrooms

Tandoori Chicken (R95)

Chicken, mushroom, sweet bell pepper, onion, tikka sauce and spring onion

Mexican (R95)

Peppers, beef mince and our famous homemade chilli sauce

eBundu Piggy (R105)

Bacon, ham, salami topped with mozzarella cheese

All pizzas served on a thin and medium base

From the Grill

Love your pizza? We believe in providing you with the highest quality and freshest ingredients for an authentic and pleasurable experience.

Grilled Half Chicken (R105)

In a lemon or peri-peri basting

Rump Steak (R125)

300g steak grilled with a bbq sauce

500g T-Bone Steak (R145)

Grilled steak served with battered onion rings

Grilled Lamp Chops (R155)

Three succulent Lamb chops grilled in our special basting sauce

Chicken Schnitzel (R95)

Homemade chicken schnitzel with a choice of our famous peri-peri

Eisbein (R125)

Served with vegetable

Ribs 400g (R135) 600g (R175)

Succulent pork spareibs marinated in our famous sauce

All the above is serves with your choice of vegetables, salad, French, fries, potato wedges, rice or papon request

Open to eBundu Guests and the public 06:30 - 22:00 Monday - Sunday

The eBundu Restaurant is open seven days per week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We invite you to linger longer on our outdoor deck and enjoy the sunset on a warm summer night.